Middle School Ministry

6th-8th Grade

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Over the course of 6th - 8th grade, we want to partner with parents to establish a strong foundation to build a  life that worships God wholly and brings glory to His name.

This requires a significant amount of time learning how to study scripture, the meta-narrative of the bible and the simplicity of the gospel.
We also want to help students see the transformation of the gospel - justification and sanctification - in their daily lives, helping them to establish a biblical worldview.

All of this is done through age specific resources, activities and relationships that are committed to seeing them mature in Christ!




To know God, we must study God's Word and His world. Through His Word, God tells us about Himself, our  identity, and the world He created. We desire to train students how to know Scripture so they can know and worship God.

  • Gospel Overview of the whole Bible
  • How to study Scripture
  • Basic Biblical knowledge
  • Theology of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit

As we learn about God and our world,  the application of this knowledge has to be put into motion with our words, actions, and service.  Our desire to provide moments to DO just that through curriculum and tangible opportunities.

  • Spiritual Disciplines | Prayer, Worship, Bible Study
  • Evaluation of spiritual walk
  • Relationships | Friends, family,  and conflict
  • Becoming a Follower of Christ

As we learn who God is who we is defined by God and God alone. It is our desire that through our "BE" section, we will provide opportunities for our students identity to align with God.

  • Sharing Testimony
  • Local Church
  • Identity In Christ
  • Foundations of Leadership

Meet the team.

Bridgette Bowman

7th Grade Leader
Lisa Schletewitz
8th Grade Leader

Kyle Brand

7th Grade Leader

James Yothers

Wednesday Leader

Lilly Behnken

6th Grade Leader

Nicole Patten

7th Grade Leader

Jen Moen

8th Grade Leader

Michael Patten

7th Grade Leader

Gary Samberson

MS Leader

Amy Powell

7th Grade Leader

Missy Beottcher-Brand

8th Grade Leader

Mary Knepler

MS Leader

Brad Gosvenor

6th Grade Leader

Moshe Santillan

Middle School Director & 8th Grade Leader

Savannah Kirk

7th Grade Leader

Megan Sharp

8th Grade Leader

Cassie Fields

Wednesday Leader
Ben Mauch
8th Grade Leader

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