About This Series

Our commission as Christians is to positively impact humanity by taking Jesus’ words and ordinances to all the world. In God’s wisdom, this is primarily accomplished not through ruling, but serving. Yet, our service isn’t passive. Christians are called to be active people, ones who take on new adventures by embracing the continual process of growth in Christ. This has always been a struggle for Christians since Satan, our own flawed flesh, and the world system work against our forward motion. Thankfully, our ancestors left us examples of people who accomplished amazing things, changing the world for the good many times over.

Today, Satan and flesh still fight us, yet it seems the world system may be our biggest challenge. The ethic of our age works mightily against Christian productivity. Entire sections of life that should fruitfully flourish instead lie fallow. What should be exciting explorations languish for lack of adventurers.

Christians should lead the way! Our own changed lives show the world how to thrive.

September 11

September 18

September 25


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