FB Emerging Adult/College Ministry

This ministry exists to walk with college students and emerging adults (age 18-22) as they are launched into adulthood, loving Jesus, growing in community, and making an impact in the world for the glory of God. This is accomplished through special summer programming and regular year-round meetings and activities.
For more information, contact Cristopher Marshall


Upcoming College Gatherings
October 25 | Following FOLD 

College Breakfasts
11/26 | 10:15 am

We will have gatherings on a regular basis for our local crowd!  Bring a friend and come hang out with us.  We are your community!
Join us at our normal Sunday college time slot, but we will be eating breakfast together and catching up on how the semester is going.  Just the boost to get you through to the end of the semester


Sunday Bible Study

Join us at 10:15 in the HS building (located on the north side of our campus).   We will explore what it means to be active in our faith in the context of College and/or as an emerging adult. Our College Ministry Team leads this time.