Worship Arts Ministry

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Worship Arts

Worship is an important core value for the Frisco Bible community.  While worship of our Creator and Savior is part of all aspects of life, we value corporately worshipping through music.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to glorify God by
modeling awe to our Creator and
gratitude for our salvation through
creative expression that is:
Authentic, Varied, Inspirational,
and Trinity-Focused.

Core Values

We Value Creativity
We value a creative approach to worshiping the Lord and learning about worship. There is encouragement and openness to explore unique and relevant ways of practical or artistic expression.

We Value Biblical Accountability
We believe that everything we do should be measured according to the standards of scripture. Every form will be critiqued according to the function of worship as found in God’s Word, with an emphasis on ultimately bringing glory to Him.

We Value a “Thank You Life”
The greatest expression of worship is a positional attitude of continual thanksgiving for God’s sovereignty, and especially His provision of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus. As we live out our faith, we should convey a thankful attitude when we interact with both believers and unbelievers.

We Value Excellence
We value quality in our work, always seeking to render our first fruits in our responsibilities and tasks—as unto the Lord.
[Proverbs 3:9-10; Ephesians 6:7; Colossians 3:23]

Biblical Principles of Worship

Biblical Principle #1
Worship is a genuine and free expression of thankfulness, awe, and commitment to our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is not constrained to circumstance, prompted by specific blessing, or dependent upon environment. When authentic Christianity is expressed through true worship, an unbelieving world will want to know more about its source.
[Acts 16:22-34; Psalm 28:7]

Biblical Principle #2
Worshiping the Triune Creator God of the Universe is not a sometimes thing—
it is an ALWAYS thing and an ALL IN thing!
[Psalm 34:1-3; Philippians 4:4; Hebrews 13:15; Romans 12:1;
Deuteronomy 6:10; Matthew 22:27]

Biblical Principle #3
As Creator of everything, God is creative. He bestowed upon us ability and a desire to be creative. We should be honoring Him, having been made in His image, through the skillful and practiced use of our gifts and talents—with humility and thankfulness. [Psalm 33:1-3; 95:1-5; 98:4-6; 147:1; 150]

Serving Opportunities

Our Worship Ministry encompasses more than just music during Sunday morning services and requires multiple teams of many dedicated volunteers!  From the Worship Band, Technical Arts Team,  Prayer Team,  Communion Team,  and Breakfast Club, everyone has a role to play!
  • Drummer (1-2xs month)
  • Bass player (1-2xs month)
  • Guitarists (1-2xs month)
  • Male/Female Singers (1-2xs per month)
  • String Players (as needed)
  • Keys players (as needed)
Are you a musician or a vocalist? We would love to worship with you!  Auditions are ongoing. 
Worship Support Service Opportunities
We have many support roles that help fulfill the worship ministry that aren’t technical or musical.
  • Prayer team | This team rotates monthly and serves at the end of our worship services in praying for anyone in need of prayer.
  • Communion Team | This team serves monthly as a support for our communion Sundays in set-up and clean-up.
  • Breakfast Club | This team serves the music and tech teams that serve on Sunday mornings in providing breakfast.
  • Tech Arts Graphics team | Serve as a graphics presenter where we run song, sermon and media presentations for the congregation to follow along. No experience necessary. Serving requirements Thursday evening rehearsal and Sunday morning all 3 services.
  • Tech Arts Lights team | Serve as a lighting operator engaging the congregation through focused lighting changes. No experience necessary. Serving requirements Sunday morning all 3 services.
  • Tech Arts Video team | Join our Sunday morning video production team where we share the gospel through camera, video control, and directing. No experience necessary. Serving requirements 8:45am & 10:15 service.
  • Experienced Video Editor | Serve as a storyteller editing weekly sermon, worship and sermon illustration videos, preparing them for use in service and online. Experience with video editing software required, knowledge of Adobe editing suite a plus. Fill in and monthly opportunity. Editing done on-site with church equipment.
  • Women’s Ministry Tech | someone who is knowledgeable of the sound system and presentations and can be in charge of operating it at women’s events (including but not limited to fall mini-retreat & spring retreat). Training available.
  • Youth Ministry Tech Leader (Adult) | Serve alongside our growing youth ministry tech volunteers seeing that they are prepared and focused on sharing through audio/visual. No tech experience necessary. Serve Wednesday evenings 5:00-8:00.
  • Youth Ministry Tech Volunteers (Students) | Help support the student worship team by running sound,  slides or lights.