Our Troop

What is a typical meeting like?
  • In a normal Troop meeting night, we will begin with a brief assembly attended by all girls in the Troop. This will include flag ceremonies, announcements, periodic recognitions, and the short devotional. Afterwards, we typically break into Units and Squads for girls to work on the activities their particular age group is focusing on, often in the context of completing the Requirements for one of AHG's many Badges. Sometimes, there will be a Troop-wide special activity, such as a service project.

At what age can a girl join?
  • Girls are first eligible to join the Troop during their kindergarten year as a Pathfinder. However, girls are welcome to join at any Program Level, and we routinely have girls join throughout their elementary, middle, and high school years.

Who are the Troop Leaders?
  • Our Troop is managed by volunteer Adult Leaders, who are Registered Members of American Heritage Girls, and parents of girls in the Troop and/or members of Frisco Bible Church. All Units are administered by at least two Adult Leaders. We also have a number of Parent Volunteers who keep our Troop moving, and are supported by the church staff in Children's Ministries.

What are the expectations?
  • Girl Members are expected to participate in Troop activities to the extent of their time and abilities, and as they become older they are expected to progressively take on additional responsibility for clearly communicating with leaders and peers about what they are able to participate in and not participate in.
  • Girls are expected to strive to live by the AHG Oath and AHG Creed. Our Troop acts in accord with the AHG, Inc. girl inclusion policy.
  • Girls will be at different places in their spiritual walk, and need not subscribe to particular beliefs as long as they are in agreement in the basic AHG Oath and AHG Creed. All Troop Volunteers agree to the AHG Statement of Faith, and in all activities we undertake as a Troop, we teach, lead, and serve according to our shared Biblical beliefs summarized in the Frisco Bible Church Doctrinal Statement.

Is there a Trail Life USA Troop for boys?
  • Our church also charters a Trail Life USA Troop, TX-1273. The two programs coordinate to meet on the same night and participate in some ceremonial activities together and try to avoid conflicts in major activities. However, we believe that each organization has a distinct program for the unique needs of each gender, and we do not generally undertake joint activities involving members of both Troops.

Can I visit the Troop?
  • Our Troop welcomes visits from girls who may be interested in joining the Troop. However, in the interests of hospitality and security, we ask that you contact us to arrange the best date and time to visit.
What does the basic AHG program look like?
  • The American Heritage Girls program is a multifaceted combination of activities, projects, meetings, and events. As we implement our program here, we strive to incorporate the six program emphases of AHG in a balanced fashion:
    • Life Skill Enhancement
    • Girl Leadership
    • Spiritual Development
    • Social Development
    • Developing Teamwork and Building Confidence
    • Character Development
  • The national website has a page explaining these six program emphases in more detail

Is our Troop an outdoors organization?
  • Camping and other outdoors experiences are cherished part of our program. These activities often provide opportunities to touch on all six of our program emphases while exploring God's wonderful creation.
  • However, most of our program occurs at our church and in our community, not at camp sites. We strive to have 2 camp experiences a year for younger girls and 2-3 for older girls. We believe our Troop is a good fit for both families with causal interest in occasional outdoors experiences and those with enthusiasm for the outdoors (and a desire to share with others).

Partnering with Trail Life USA at Frisco Bible Church

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