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Serve with Student Ministry
At the core of our Student Ministry is the mission to mature every student as they connect to Christ, grow in community, and impact the world around them. Each role, from teaching to tech, plays a crucial part in this mission. Explore the opportunities below and find where your passion can make a lasting impact on our young generation.

  • Leadership Team
Are you someone with a heart for young souls and a knack for helping students engage with Scripture? We're on the hunt for individuals who can model what it means to live gospel-centered lives and build healthy relationships. As part of the leadership team you will lead by example, showcase unwavering commitment and guide our students on a weekly basis. You will also attend special events and camps—completely on us! Note: Membership of 6 months at Frisco Bible Church is a foundational requirement for this role.

  • Sunday Teaching Team Member
Guide students in engaging with Scripture through 2-4 week teachings, according to our scope and sequence.

  • Tech Team Leader
Guide and train students in tech arts—including lighting, sound, and graphics using ProPresenter—while overseeing scheduling and communication. As a ministry lead, you will shepherd and disciple the student tech team, serving as a bridge between them and the FBSM staff.

  • Digital Content Team Leader
Spearhead the creation of innovative content for social media, webpages, and emails, guiding the FBSM staff in impactful communication with students and their families. Your leadership role can be engaged on a weekly basis or be project-specific.

  • Social Media Team Leader
Take the lead in shaping our Instagram voice by guiding our student team in capturing moments, creating reels, and posting engaging content. Your expertise will be central in mentoring our young creators and ensuring our message resonates effectively with students and their families on Instagram and TikTok.

  • Administration Support Team Member
In collaboration with the FBSM Staff, take on essential routine tasks that free up our team to focus on shepherding and pastoring students and their families. Offering flexibility, this vital role only demands 2-4 hours of your week, yet its impact is profound in ensuring smooth operations and pastoral care.

  • Set-Up and Tear-Down Team Team Member
Responsibilities include setting up table games, prepping the Nintendo Switch, unlocking doors, updating door signs, organizing sports equipment, and arranging the leader and welcome tables with necessary resources and Connect cards. In just an hour every Wednesday, your hands-on efforts create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere that makes all the difference.