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Sunday, Worship and Prep

Blog written by Annabelle Busbee:
Today our team had the privilege of attending a service at Open House church with our  new friends from Hope Partners. It was truly amazing to see the work God has done through them.
Later, with the guidance of our wonderful translator, we went out into the local farmers market and had many opportunities to practice communicating in Spanish. On top of getting to buy fruits and vegetables, we met many wonderful people there.
A large portion of today was spent doing prep work for the week to come. First we set up crafts for the kids to do then attended our orientation session with Hope Partners.

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for strength as we take on a work project
  • Pray we have humble hearts ready to serve
  • Pray for good weather as rain is in the forecast (unusual for dry season)
  • Pray for our team to know Jesus in deep ways and come together


Kathleen Barnett - March 13th, 2023 at 9:05am

Love your blog and what you are doing. Prayers and love for you & your team on this journey.

Pamela Venable - March 13th, 2023 at 12:25pm

Praying that God works through each of you as you work with the children and families. Praying the sky’s clear and you all stay safe


Loving the photos and updates.

TH’s Mother & Lincoln’s Gigi 🙏🏻💜