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Day 5| Thursday

Today was the last day of both painting at the school, and our time with kids at the Hope Center. Today’s schedule was switched and we started off the morning bright and early at the Hope Center with the youngest kids we’ve had this week, ages entering 1st and 2nd grade. It was a very successful day, and the pure happiness of the kids helped to encourage our team to stay positive and pour all of our energy into our last day with them. After a fantastic lunch, we headed over to the school to finish up our painting of the mural which reads “Soy amado tal como soy,” which in English means “you are loved as you are” (which I think is an amazing reminder to everyone that God loves us just as we are!!). However, the rain started just as we were close to finishing the mural, and God added his own special rainy touch to our painting. One of my favorite parts of today was the end of our afternoon at the school because the whole school came out to give us an amazing  closing ceremony which included traditional Costa Rican songs, a dance, and kind thankful words from the school’s principal. But the best part was that the kids in the school brought handmade posters of their gratitude, and each member of our team was given an envelope of thank you letters from the kids. It took some time for us to leave because all of the kids were ecstatic about the opportunity to be able to hug us and say goodbye, it was truly one of the most heart touching days I have had. Once we were back at the hotel, we started off the evening with a closing from Hope Partners, giving us more of an overview of the week and giving us more of an insight into the numbers of those we have helped touch with God’s love. We are all so thankful to God for the wonderful week that we have had so far!!
Prayer Requests:
⁃that the kids we have seen this week will see the importance of God’s love
⁃continued health for the whole team
⁃energy for our last two days!

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