Day 9 - Volcano, Bible School, and Cultural Experience Extravaganza

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel McLaughlin, and today I am writing the blog about our trip to see volcanoes. We got up early to eat breakfast before we hopped on the bus for an hour-and-a-half trip up a mountain to see a volcano. On the way up the volcano, we stopped at a shop with a beautiful view of the coffee fields. At this shop, they served coffee made with beans from the fields, and many of us got various espressos and lattes.

When we finally reached the top, the volcano was stunning, and we took many pictures of it! We stopped for chocolate and cream-covered strawberries on the way down the mountain. They were delicious! When we returned to the hotel, we ate lunch and hopped back on the bus to look at a Bible college about 30 minutes from our hotel. The campus was gorgeous. There were many butterflies and bunnies for us to watch. The view from the restaurant was amazing! We ate delicious food and watched dancers perform dances representing Costa Rican history.

Today has been a great day! We are leaving tomorrow, and we would love prayer for a safe trip tomorrow and for all of us to continue to be patient with each other.

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