Preparation, Sponsorship & Investment

Our team is in the final stages of preparation before we leave. Our biggest preparation is finalizing our lessons and sponsorships. We'd love to share with you how this Sponsorship opportunity began and where it all started.
Three years ago, our Frisco Bible Mission board began praying with our Global Missionary Dr. Falak Sher with Hunook Ministry on ways we could partner with training for our Pakistani brothers and sisters in Christ. As we began to pray asking the Lord to show us a creative way to minister to in a closed country. As we sought the Lord, He brought to mind Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is a melting pot of many nationalities with freedom and space to conduct Bible training through Leadership Conferences. Our training is in three year circuits. The fruit over the past two years have been amazing. With four new church plants and thousands being evangelized and discipled. These amazing twenty four leaders have truly lived out Matthew 28. We'd love to share a little more about the Pakistani Sponsorships as this will be the third and final year with this group of leaders.

This Sponsorship is an incredible investment into the Kingdom of God. We want to extend this invitation to you individually so you can be apart of what God is doing in Pakistan. By investing in these amazing conference participants, you are investing in their lives and their ministries. You are also part of "us" the Frisco Bible team in the going and sending of our journey. You can learn about about our Sponsorship

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