Team Fun Day

Day 6 | Team Fun Day

Today was a day to sleep in a little, eat breakfast, then travel to La Paz Waterfall.  The drive is breathtaking and a glimpse into the beautiful people of Costa Rica.  The land that God has made is green and full of creative life.  From plants, to trees, to animals, it is truly a unique environment.  As a team, we spent the morning wondering through the animal sanctuary and then hiked down to the waterfalls (PLURAL, there are 5!).  Because rainy season has come early, the falls were huge and powerful.  We were all a little breathless, both of the beauty God had made and from hiking back up the millions of stairs!!  We ate lunch then headed home.  On the way back, we made 2 cool stops.  One at a strawberry stand and the other at Starbucks Costa Rican flagship store and coffee plantation. The area we are in is known for its sweet strawberries (they did not disappoint).  The views from the Starbucks were incredible (it overlooks the tiered coffee plants and yet another waterfall!).  We ate dinner, played a few games and are heading to bed with full hearts and stomachs, sore muscles, and hearts that are sad we only have one more day in this amazing country. Tomorrow, we go into San Jose, so stay tuned for those details tomorrow. 

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