Its getting close

January 21, 20024

Our team is working really hard on preparing our heart, minds and activities for Costa Rica.  We had a training today after church that drilled into the details of what we will be doing at the Hope Center in the afternoon with the kids.  Each group (craft, activity and movement) met together with their supplies to make sure we had everything we need.  They confirmed the instructions for each activity and were able to guide our whole team through each of the areas so we all know what we are doing and prepared to lead well!
We also talked about testimonies as our first round of student and adult testimonies happened during MS and HS hours of church.  We are working on trusting God in telling His story in our lives and looking for opportunities to share who He is at any given moment!  Each person is working on the one thing they hope people walk away with after they hear our testimonies.  
Today went fast, but it felt good to have everyone on the same page.  
Please continue to pray that God provides for our team.  We are almost 50% funded, but have a long way to go. We are excited to see how He provides!   Please also pray for our those who have never been on a mission trip or out of the country (We have several!)  
You are a valuable part of our team and your prayers are appreciated!

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