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Day 3: Tuesday

 This was the day where we were expecting the most kids for our VBS in the afternoon. Whether it was nervousness or excitement, everyone in our group had thought a little bit about Tuesday ahead of time. Our day started a little bit later than Monday, although it was still early. Breakfast was fantastic as it usually is here, and we headed to the Pavas district right after. We were able to visit the mural from our previous trip which was amazing to see how the whole street has come to life with color.  After that short stop, we headed to our current work project and wasted no time getting to work. Today was more detailed painting than yesterday, and we split up to conquer the different sections and colors.  The mural is coming together very quickly, and I really enjoy these smaller details I didn’t appreciate enough last time I was in Costa Rica.
After an amazing lunch and some prep at the Hope Center, we were able to learn more about how God is using Hope Partners to rescue and transform the children of Pavas. We made final preparation for the 75 Ticos who would soon flood the Hope Center. In the ensuing craziness (It decided to pour rain, losing our outside space as kids showed up) we got the opportunity to be a light.  I have found that in these moments of difficulty, relying on God leads me to feel joy in the chaos. After today we are exhausted, the kind of exhaustion that comes from something that is worth doing. Tonight in debrief we talked about compassion, and what it means for us as a team. There are many opportunities to be compassionate where we are at this week, but what about when we go back home?? Our team is processing how we can take what we are learning here in Costa Rica back home.  Our mission will not end when we board the has only just begun!
*Midweek tired:) Pray our team stays unified in mission and in our relationships
*Continued health
*NO RAIN!! It has rained everyday we have been here, which has provided opportunities to be flexible and work through challenges.  While we appreciate it would be nice to have one calm day!

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