Dubai Teaching Day One- Thursday, April 13

The Dubai team just finished the first day of teaching. Everything went really well. The Pakistani pastors and leaders are doing well with the teaching materials. Lots of great engagement with Scripture and each other. The pastors are sharp & very attentive, We are thankful for our Global Missionary, Dr. Falak Sher, founder of Hunook Ministries for his preparation of the location of the conference and the details. Everything is flowing really well.  Each evening, Falak will meet with the group and discuss the day's lessons. Please pray for those group times in the evening. Also, please pray for AJ Rinaldi. He's not feeling all that great and didn't sleep well last night. A speaker for the call to prayers, for Ramada were outside his window. Please pray that AJ will get a good night sleep and feel well rested.  AJ has switched rooms. It's a long day of teaching.  The FBC mission team loves what they are doing, but it is still a long day of teaching and is especially difficult when you don't feel well and are jet lagged. Pray that God's Spirit will help them Activate as they begin Day Two in a few hours (it's a nine hour time difference).
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