Day 2 - Getting to Know Costa Rica

Day 2 - Getting to know Costa Rica

Whitney here again. I am excited to update you on our first official day in Costa Rica. First, we have to start by introducing you to our amazing new Tico friend and translator, Marquito. We have already welcomed him into the family and look forward to continuing to love on him. We also were excited to see our dear friend Lucy again. You will begin to see these amazing two people in our photos and maybe even read more about them in our stories.

We were blessed to be able to sleep in this morning after a late-night finish. Getting used to our new roommates and a new environment began with a great breakfast. The bonding of our teammates has continued and is so fun to watch the different relationships continue to form.

We then had our first team devotion and worship time. I always look forward to this as it helps center our team for our who and why of the trip. Bekah led the devotion today and allowed each of us to speak about our fears for the trip. She continued by reminding us that God is in control, has called us by so much more, and has blessed us. I loved how Bekah stated that she doesn’t think that “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle” but that we have way more than we can handle. It is only with God that we can do this. We finished with worship and then some individual time reading through Ephesians and having our time with God.

After lunch, we hit the busses with an amazing tour of downtown Costa Rica, where we learned so much about the history, culture, museums, and, of course, who could forget the cork trees! Marquito was full of information and we soaked it all in. It’s a blessing to learn more about the community and who we will serve by seeing their daily lives. Of course, we had to go to Walmart and get our yippies and coffee.

The food has been excellent (we know that’s important right lol)! Dinner and an amazing team-building activity of making prayer bracelets for our teammates wrapped up such a blessed night.

Please continue to pray for our team in the following ways:
- We remember our who and why
- We get rest and stay healthy
- We continue to grow as a team and show God's love for our tico family

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