We Made it!

Getting Ready for Day One

Our flight went super smooth.  We got a little bit of sleep and are about to head to Breakfast then to church with our Tico friends.
One of our team members Joy made a note and brought chocolate to hand to all the air line attendants, gate helpers, and pilots.  We had several that gave us things to pray for.  Our team also drew a small amount of attention due to the bright yellow shirts that led to some sharing of what we are doing and pointing people to Jesus!
  • We are tired!!! Pray for strength as we got to the hotel around 2:30 am
  • For the many touchpoint we had in the airport to be watered quickly by the Holy Spirit that leads to salvations we can celebrate in heaven one day
  • Our time at church to be mutually blessing
  • Our prep time this afternoon (both physical, mentally and spiritually ) 

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