Dubai Teaching Days Six and Seven

The team reported that todays teaching went very well especially the lesson on the topic of Demon possession and the Believer. Some of the pastors shared stories and experiences of the great power of the Lord. The end result of the discussions were all about giving praise and glory to the Lord. It was a wonderful time of deep reflection. There was also great discussion on dealing with the flesh and sin. The attendees were challenged by the discussions and overall our team was pleased with the results and felt the Lord’s guidance. Jeremy did a super job of  supplementing  some teaching especially his lesson on gratitude. Currently the team is resting and preparing for the next days lessons. Please continue to pray for strength and continued momentum for the last few days of the conference. The FBC Uganda team will be meeting them in Dubai on their layover for their mission trip. More to report as they arrive and will be a part of the last two days of the conference. The team wants to extend their thanks for your prayers. They can feel them and the Lord moving and working. 
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