Dubai Teaching Days Three, Four and Five

The Dubai Mission team is doing well. Friday, April 14 and Saturday, April 15 were two more full teaching days. Everyone has been sleeping well at night. The team has asked for prayer for the leaders/ students. Some of them are attending the leadership class during the day and then studying online for a couple of hours in the afternoon. The students have asked for mental strength and stamina.  Some of the team has struggled with some stomach issues that normally occur when you travel to different areas. 

After Saturdays lessons, the team went for their church services with Hunook Ministry Dubai. Most church services are on Friday or Saturday evenings since all of the people work during the day. Friday and Saturday are considered the "weekend" in UAE.  The church service was a wonderful evangelical event with over 100 attendees who heard the gospel. AJ preached from Acts Chapters 1-3. It was a great time of worship and encouragement as well.

Sunday, April began Day Five of the conference. The FBC team reported that the conference is continuing to go well. They've had a lot of good discussions.  The attendees are getting more "comfortable" and opening up, asking more questions and unbeknownst to them, revealing some areas where their doctrine may be a bit questionable. This has been great as it enables our FBC team to target certain areas where they can explore the truth from Scripture and help them become doctrinally sound.  This will be such a great benefit to our attendees both personally and in ministry.  
The team has asked for specific prayers for their lessons tomorrow on demonic possession & Spiritual warfare.  There appears to be some Pentecostal doctrine that is influencing their thinking in this area. Martin from the  FBC team has reported, "it has been awesome to see how the Holy Spirit has overlapped and reinforced Biblical teaching/correction across all of our teaching times. Through the development, by three different presenters, addressing different facets, a great understanding and impact is occurring."  Praise God! Another prayer request is for continued prayer that the teams words and teachings would be clear, true, and pleasing to God. The team is grateful for your prayers.  Please keep them coming

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