Dubai Teaching Day Two- Friday, April 14

The second day of teaching went very well. Our FBC men have had some good rest the last few nights. Praise God. The team is grateful for your prayers especially AJ. He has had two nights of really good sleep. He feels much better.  Here’s a typical teaching day for our team and our Pakistani leaders. The teaching day begins at 9 AM with praise & worship followed by the first set is lessons and then a small break at 11 AM for tea. The team loves tea time because it’s a great way of building relationships with our Pakistani brothers and sisters in Christ. Then another few hours of teaching followed by lunch. The afternoon teaching  sessions continue after lunch until around 4 PM.  Then the group goes back for Reflection Time before dinner beginning at 6 PM. After dinner, our FBC team goes back to their hotel rooms to prepare for the next days lesson while Dr Sher, our global missionary with Hunook spends the next few hours debriefing with the Pakistani leaders . The leaders discuss the teaching  materials and muse over the lessons bringing up any questions or take aways from that day’s lesson and what they are learning. The day concludes with prayer for understanding and good rest so that they can be prepared and well rested for the next day. 
Our team said that the first two days have been great. Please continue to pray for them. Pray for continued good rest at night and attentiveness during the day, relying on the Power of the Holy Spirit. It’s all for furthering God’s kingdom and His glory.
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