Dubai Teaching Day Eight

Saturday, May 4, 2024
Well, it’s Saturday- May the Fourth be with You (Star Wars movie reference for those in the U.S.)! We can't believe that it has been one whole week since we began the conference. Today is "Culture Day" for our FB team so we all wore traditional dress for Pakistani men and women.  The friends and friendships that we established this week have been amazing. We have bonded brothers and sister for life. What a great reminder as we finish the final full day of teaching. We started with worship, and then Jeremy began the first lesson of the day on Resurrection and Glorification. Resurrection of the dead is a fact- some will be resurrected to life (Believers, those who have trusted Jesus as Savior) while others to condemnation (Non Believers, those who have not trusted Jesus as Savior). We were encouraged to remember that the glorified body will be imperishable and the entire creation will be renewed. We were also reminded that Believers will have an inheritance in the Kingdom of God. There were lots of smiles from everyone as we thought about these truths.
Men going over the final lessons for today. We have also loved our wait staff. Here's Abid with one of our friends who has served us this week. We are so grateful.
After our lovely tea time, AJ taught a lesson on The Rapture. He continued his theme of teaching these Scriptures with his "Bob Ross" Pictures! We were reminded that there is absolute for certain Scriptural basis for The Rapture event. However, as Detectives the timing of the Rapture has a few varying theories. Our class discussed the theories, the presumptions and the arguments. 
AJ explains and draws our Glorified Bodies, kind of looks like a "starfish" to our FB team, who knew- ha! Have you ever thought about what your glorified body will look like?
After AJ's lesson, Martin came and taught what Scripture teaches about what happens to non believers after they die. A non believer is anyone who has rejected Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior. A non believer faces judgment and condemnation because of their lack/absence of faith. Jesus is the Judge. We discussed the definitions and descriptions of the Great White Throne Judgment of the dead and the Judgment of the Sheep and Goats.  All those judged by Jesus are thrown into the Lake of Fire which is the eternal state for non believers.  As Detectives, we let Scripture interpret Scripture. As we evaluated we were reminded that the unrighteous go to everlasting punishment.  Overall, we were reminded that God is love and is full of grace and mercy, but He is also a righteous and just God. So today is the day of salvation - Trust Jesus as Savior today because He is returning to earth as Judge at His Second Coming.
After Martin's lesson, we had a lovely lunch together. Here's some photos and of course our lunch time elevator game.
After lunch, we concluded our study of Revelation with final thoughts, reflections, and questions. Our missionary Falak, concluded the teaching sessions with instruction and application for our leaders.
Yesterday, Jennifer and Denise had their final breakout session with the Hunook ladies. We wanted to share with you their amazing hearts and love for the Lord as they take God's Word into their Women's Fellowship (Ministry). The Lord had placed on our heart to present each lady with a Bible Character from the Scripture of what we had seen represented within them during the week. We added a Scripture to highlight. We would love to share with you below:
Hina said "I will share with family and colleagues.  I will share the gospel.  This correction of Eve - suitable Helper (in Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 for Biblical Role of Womanhood) - I like this and will share it.
Huma shared "As a teacher I have a duty to teach students the Word of God.  I will also help them find it (Truth of Word of God) online." (She also teaching on zoom.)
Chris shared "I will help students like me understand - make clear the Revelation concepts to others.  I will help others come to Hunook Bible College".
Noveen said "I will share this (role & responsibility of Biblical Womanhood, Ecclesiology & Eschatology) in the Women’s Fellowship Meeting we lead".
Naghamana shared that this [Leadership Conference] has given us (the ladies) new material for our Women’s Fellowship meeting - Daniel, Revelation, Suitable Helper.
Emma shared that first she will share with her family and friends.  Then her colleagues. And her students.  She is also leading a Women’s Fellowship and will share what she has learned with them.
Sharjah Sights on our evening walk before dinner
Stay tuned for a special blog post as we attend our service event tonight.
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RAndall Satchell - May 4th, 2024 at 9:05pm

What a great series of daily updates from the conference! Thank you all for not only doing the hard work of teaching and building relationships each day, but also then creating these multimedia updates for us back at FB. We are praying that God, who is faithful to fulfill his word, takes what you have planted and produces a harvest beyond our imagining for his kingdom and his glory. And we're praying that your final days in Dubai are fruitful and that everyone arrives home full of wonder at the power of Father, Son, and Spirit.