Coffee Bar Takeover

Coffee. The Blessed Bean. Consumed by billions of people each day around the world, this little seed is a cultural phenomenon.  It certainly helps that it is delicious.  More than that, it brings people together and provides a training “ground” for people to serve!

One of the coolest ways we fundraise for our mission trips happens to include my very favorite beverage (water is good too, and necessary to make coffee with).  There are a ton of reasons I love doing this fundraiser and here are my top three.
  1. We train students to make good coffee.  Good coffee is more than just filling a pot.  You have to be intentional about how much coffee you use, how much water you put in, and the temperature of the water.  There are so many little details to pay attention to as coffee is made that our students learn to notice the little things.
  2. We train students to anticipate. You never know what may happen, but if you’re attentive and watching you will be able to anticipate quickly. In doing that you are able to respond faster when something does happen.
  3. We make really really good coffee.  Fresh-roasted, fresh-brewed coffee is a fantastic experience.  I love seeing the look on our students’ faces when someone deeply enjoys the coffee they have made and tells them how great it tastes.

This Sunday we’ll be taking over the coffee bar once again. We would love to make a cup of coffee for you and have the opportunity to tell you all about our trip to Costa Rica. If you don’t drink coffee (that’s okay, we still love you and want you to enjoy whatever beverage you enjoy) you can still support the team by praying for us, buying one of our baked goods, or making a donation.

Sunday is going to be a ton of fun. Please stop by and say hi to our team!

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