Dubai Departure Day

Departure and Arrival
Our team arrived early at DFW for our flight to Dubai. We all got our bags checked in, said our goodbyes and then headed off to security. Dave Byrd prayed for our team. Little did we know at the time but a sweet lady was watching us pray and as we finished going through security she mentioned that she watched us pray and was wondering where we were going and doing. We shared with her our team journey and then she asked if we could pray for her home country Ethiopia. We joyfully prayed her pray request and then we headed to our gate for our flight. It's a long fifteen hour flight. but we praise God for a smooth, on time flight. 
After our fifteen hour flight, our team arrived in Dubai. All of our luggages and supplies made it too! Our missionary Falak met us at the airport with Abid and we headed in the taxi to our hotel where we will be conducting the conference. We did see some flooding but for the most part, the flooding has receded- Praise God for answering our prayers. We arrived at our hotel and check in and then we headed downstairs for a light lunch. Today and tomorrow we will be resting and preparing for our Conference which begins on Saturday. Our Pakstani brothers and sisters arrive tomorrow and we are so excited to see them. 
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