Testimony Sharing in Student Miinistry Midweek

Getting Testimony Reps in...3 more days

One thing our team has done in our training times is write out the story of the Gospel and their submission to it.  It is sometimes harder to share what God has done in your life with peers, so it is the perfect time to start being missionaries... On their own turf.  We had 5 of our team over two weeks step up and share the goodness of God in their lives and in their salvation. Cate, Jerdan, William, Madeline, and Bekah were the ones chosen as some of our upperclassmen.  After our gospel prayer this evening, our students and leaders circled our team and prayed for them as they head out to Costa Rica on Saturday.  
  • For the students in our ministry who heard the gospel and have never recieved it.  Pray for fruit in our own ministries
  • For our whole team to be ready with confidence to share about the God who has saved them
  • For many salvations in Costa Rica that leads to fruit for the kingdom.
  • Last minute packing and nerves for those who are going out for the first time!

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