Uganda Teaching Day Three

Our FBC Men and Women teams completed day three of their conferences. Another great day of teaching. Stamina is still going strong. We all experienced an epic rain storm last night which reminded us of the spring storms in Texas minus the tornado sirens. We are here during rainy season so we’ve experienced much cooler temperatures than our normal mission trips in November. We are enjoying the cooler temperatures; however the roads are a bit dicey at times with lots of mud and sliding. Today’s teaching topics for the men were: Apologetics, Satan, Angels and Demons, Spiritual Warfare, the flesh and overcome temptation, and finishing out the day with various moral issue topics. The wine continued the study of Nehemiah Chapter 7-8 discussing how it applies to leadership, along with topics on the Bema Judgment and  Discovering your Spiritual gift. All of our sessions have been well received and engaging. Thank you for your continued prayers. We also celebrated Steve Wilson’s birthday with a Ugandan style red velvet cake. Overall another great day- Praise God!
Tea Time Conversation
Teaching through Nehemiah
Hesed House

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