Team Training - Keenen

Greetings everyone.

My name is Keenen Coe, I am a senior in high school, and I have the privilege of telling you about our second meeting. This meeting was all about enhancing our communication skills.

We started off the meeting with a fun exercise with the goal of making instructions as concise as possible. It started with the simple task of making a PB&J sandwich, which had to be explained in 25 words. Then 10. Then 5. Each time it got harder but it was still possible. We did this with 2 other goals in mind some easy and some very difficult.With that base in place we jumped to the ways we can communicate. Four main ways popped up, verbal, non-verbal, active listening, and written.

This is when we, as a group, switched focused to how to communicate using mainly writing, as we then talked about how to write our support letters.

This meeting was enjoyable from so many angles because it allowed me to see how my teammates think and explain things. It also allowed me to show them how I think when a target goal is set.

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